Swiss Copyright

Copyright in Switzerland.

Check out the links below for a detailed explanation of the rights and obligations pertaining to copyright in Switzerland. 

Swiss Federal Law on Copyright
Click this image for the Swiss Copyright Act


Swiss Copyright in Brief

Teachers and students will most likely wish to refer to Chapter 5 of the Act. We have conveniently copied it below for you (legitimately you understand?)

  Chapter 5: Exceptions to Copyright

  Art. 19 Private use

1 Published works may be used for private use. Private use means:

any personal use of a work or use within a circle of persons closely connected to each other, such as relatives or friends;
any use of a work by a teacher and his class for educational purposes;
the copying of a work in enterprises, public administrations, institutions, commissions and similar bodies for internal information or documentation.

2 Persons entitled to make copies of a work for private use may also have them made by third parties subject to paragraph 3; libraries, other public institutions and businesses that make copying apparatus available to their users are also deemed third parties within the meaning of this paragraph.1

3 The following are not permitted outside the private sphere defined in paragraph 1 letter a:2

the complete or substantial copying of a work obtainable commercially;
the copying of works of art;
the copying of musical scores;
the fixation of recitations, performances or presentations of a work on blank media.

3bis Copies which are made by accessing works that are lawfully made available are neither subject to the restriction of private use under this Article nor are they included in the claims for remuneration under Article 20.3

4 This Article does not apply to computer programs.


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